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With trAIDe GmbH I had only positive experiences. Through their support and preparation as well as the excellent quality of the events, I was able to attend at very good business meetings and established important new contacts. I would therefore recommend trAIDe to companies that are looking for support to open up new markets.

Thomas DerfußGeneral Manager
LEA Medizintechnik GmbH

The cooperation between trAIDe and our enterprise was very good and was characterized through an outstanding dedication to the project. Even so dedication is not enough for most projects, trAIDe was also able to provide the needed results, which makes the cooperation very successful.
Gollmann Kommissioniersysteme

Jan AngermannDirector
Gollmann Kommissioniersysteme GmbH

SME´s will get a good impression over the potential of the target market and the country as a result of the cooperation with trAIDe.
neuraxpharm Arzneimittel

Mehmet GüzelInternational Sales Manager
Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel GmbH

Thanks to the outstanding professionalism of the friendly and committed staff, our company was able to establish business contacts in efficient and result-oriented meetings – this is the basis for long-term projects like ours.
BBraun Melsungen AG

Richard HarteltVice President Global Sales Region North/East Europ e
Aesculap AG – B. Braun Melsungen AG

We were not only able to take care of existing contacts but also intensify these contacts as well as create premium quality back-up solutions for our business fields as a result of the cooperation with the trAIDe GmbH.
WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology

Enrico NikolaiSales Manager
Weinmann EMT GmbH

An eased establishing of contacts to potential business partners in new markets, a very good preselection of meetings and the reduction of costs due to a very good realized business trip by trAIDe are only some of the benefits our company has experienced through the cooperation.
Dr. Gustav Klein

Ansgar MuhleManaging Director
Dr. Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KG

Both the quality and the quantity of B2B meetings were excellent. In addition, the event was very well organized and it was great to have the opportunity to visit the companies.

Heike JordanManaging Director
Meyer-Haake GmbH

To develop eleven business contacts all on your own, in a country that you are not familiar with – it would have taken us months of preparation to get similar results. Outstanding quality as well as very, very good quantity!

Marc CollinetManaging Director
Adamus Group

We had seven business meetings with potential business partners and nearly each and every meeting matched our initial criteria!

Peter MölleneyManaging Director
Wegamed GmbH

I was very satisfied with the performance of trAIDe GmbH. I hope that we get the chance to again participate in programs conducted by trAIDe. Thanks for the great performance!

Mustafa KocakirManaging Director
Eximmed GmbH

Thanks to trAIDe’s excellent filtering process and their personal introduction to one of the leading German suppliers we were able to start a very successful cooperation with a new German supplier.

Z. EkinciMedical Equipment Manager

When it comes to initiating new business relations with trAIDe, you get a comprehensive package. Through their good support provided by the staff as well as through the thorough preparation and organization they offer you profitable business meetings. Without their effort we wouldn’t have come so far. Thanks to the trAIDe, we were able to conduct a very effective and efficient market investigation, which I would always recommend to companies from the medical sector.

Rolf PickelmannSales Director
Allgeier Medical IT

We became aware of trAIDe GmbH through a project of the Federal Ministry of Economics. We have been a very satisfied customer for years now. From acquisition to the individual support before and during the projects up to the individual follow-up, trAIDe thoroughly took care for us. Due to the local expertise of their employees, an ideal relation to the customer was created, which saved us a lot of time and resources due to the high-quality service. Right after a short time we were able to achieve our first sales. I would definitely recommend trAIDe GmbH to companies from the health sector who want to enter new markets.

Stefan UeltzhöfferGeneral Manager
Precisis Euromechanics GmbH

Most SME´s lack on human resources for implementing strategies for the market development. Therefore it is necessary to outsource the area of market analysis and business mediation regarding the firm’s objectives, its optimization of cost and time and let an experienced service provider to take over the projects – such as the trAIDe GmbH

Gregor BeckmannSales Director
Ferdinand Eimermacher GmbH & Co. KG