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Are you a distributor, manufacturer or institution within the healthcare sector and strive for international business cooperations? Then trAIDe Health is your partner - We match you with the right business partner for your strategy!

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trAIDe Health is a consulting firm and global network of healthcare experts. We help healthcare companies to expand into new markets. We consult our clients strategically and provide all services for a successful market entry. We are active in more than 15 countries and have helped more than 100 healthcare firms to enter new markets.

Our vision is to improve the living standards of people from all over the globe by giving them access to a functioning healthcare sector.

Our mission is to build global Win-Win-Win cooperations within the healthcare sector through a demand driven strategy.

Our goal is to match hospitals, distributors and manufacturers in order to build sustainable and profitable cooperations.


WHY do we strive to be the best at what we do?

We believe that through the energy of Win-Win-Win cooperations within the healthcare sector we can systematically increase the living standards of people around the globe. A vast majority of the population in emerging and developing countries are still living under degrading conditions with low living standards. Often it is impossible to cover or even recognize the required demand for healthcare and medical supply. Thus, people from these regions have limited access to a reliable healthcare infrastructure. In order to give all people access to a functioning healthcare infrastructure we have established the Preferred Partner Network (PPN), which consists of verified hospitals, distributors and experts of the healthcare sector from all over the world. Their demand is the starting point of our matchmaking process, connecting them with high-quality European manufacturers in order to establish long-lasting cooperations. This is what we believe in. This is what we work for. Every single day.

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We offer access to an international healthcare network of distributors and manufacturers! The key to YOUR success is OUR demand-driven focus. With the help of our network we are able and willing to determine the local demand and answer with the matching supply. We create the bridge between international distributors and mainly German manufacturers of the healthcare sector.