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5 biggest cultural differences between German and Nigerians

Every country and every culture has its own specific characteristics, which can differ greatly from one another in international comparison. While Germany, for example, is characterized by the Prussian virtues of punctuality, order and diligence, in other countries polite manners and respect for one another’s faces play a much greater

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10 tips on how to find the right business partner in Nigeria

Inform yourself about the destination country, the market conditions and above all about the local culture

Without an understanding of the current economic and political situation, the state of the healthcare system and fundamental problems in the target country, it is not possible to make an appropriate assessment of existing potential.

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How to find the right business partner in Nigeria

Without a trustworthy local partner a successful market entry is almost impossible. This applies especially for Nigeria, where foreign companies willing to do business must be represented by a locally registered, authorized Nigerian agent.

Despite the fact that both local business partners and representatives of authorities are very interested in business

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Healthcare market potential of Nigeria

“The country is so big, the healthcare system so poor and the opportunities so many.” (Philip Okito, CEO, trAIDe Health)

Nigeria, Africa’s emerging giant still suffers of growing pains

Nigeria has the biggest black population in the world with approximately 200 Mio. people. Today, every 6th African is Nigerian. The growth rate

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