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Are you an institution or association within the healthcare sector? Do you want to cooperate with the German health care sector? Then we are your partner and interested in getting to know you.

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For many years trAIDe has been working closely with associations and institutiones in different projects, such as the market development project from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy or the "Manager Training Programme" from GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.

Export initiative of Healthcare

The Export Initiative of Healthcare supports companies in many different ways to help them enter into foreign markets. Benefit from their worldwide network of partners and conquer new markets by establishing new cooperations.

Why is there the export initiative of Healthcare?

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) supports the German Healthcare Industry more intensive than ever before. Their goal is to secure and expand Germany's position as one of the leading export countries for Healthcare products and services.
The German Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment (GTAI), provides the necessary specialist knowledge.

German Healthcare Export Group e.V. (GHEG)

Through an exchange of practical knowledge and the support of its members, the German Healthcare Export Group funds the German export of medical technology. Around 50 active partner companies are members of GHEG. They support their members in terms of

  • Networking of members
  • Supporting on international trade fairs
  • Supporting partner companies in export projects

Due to their experience of around 25 years and their established network they play a decisive role for the success of the market development project

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Since 2014 trAIDe is a training center for the "Manager Training Programme" from GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit. The program - also called "Fit for Partnership with Germany" - aims for executives and managers who want to make business with German companies. During the program the participants are invited to Germany for four weeks which is financed by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. While staying in Germany the participants have trainings, company visits in leading German SME as well as individual business meetings.

Knowledge transfer and establishing longlasting business cooperations between German and the participating foreign companies are the main goals of this programme.

German Industry Association for Optical, Medical and Mechatronic Technologies e.V.

Our German partner from the medical technology, consumer optics, photonic and precision technology sector as well as from the analytical, biotechnology and laboratory technology sector supports companies in a variety of areas such as providing reliable market and branch data and helping to identify new international markets.

The cooperation between Spectaris and trAIDe was already successful in many different projects - especially, in fields of public relations. Through their developed network they were capable of supporting us in diverse projects. Due to their expertise and the information they can provide, Spectaris plays a decisive role for the success of projects.

German Healthcare Partnership (GHP)

Our Partner from Berlin is active in offering and providing comprehensive healthcare system solutions for the private sector in certain export markets. They support companies in fields of

  • the strategic alignment of the Healtcare Infrastructure
  • Providing a platform for networking
  • Assurance of quality

Due to the close cooperation with the German Healthcare Partnership and the established network of GHP, it is another profitable collaboration for the market development projects.

Voka - The Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a Flemish network of companies in Belgium. Voka represents more than 18.000 companies in the Flemish region of Flanders and Brussels. Thereby, it accounts for 65% of the work places and 66% of the value creation of the region. Voka aims to be the most influential and professional network of companies and to create an optimal framework for successful business and thereby safeguard prosperity for the Flemish Region.

Export Finland

Export Finland is, as part of Finpro, a public organization and promotes international business cooperations and operations of Finnish companies.  It encourages foreign direct investments to Finland, and helps Finnish SMEs to succeed in international markets. By working with experts in different countries they are able to find the most suitable way to realize a successful outcome of internationalization.


Ontario, Canada is home to world-renowned research centers, internationally respected scientists, and a broad life sciences industry with 1,900 companies that range from innovative technology firms to niche market leaders. The province Ontario acts as an export promotion agency and supports businesses by expanding their export to different countries or encourages them to export for the first time. The organization helps small and medium-sized companies realizing new opportunities arisen by globalization.


OuluHealth, located in Finland, strives to be a first mover in creating innovative solutions to global issues in the health care industry, aiming for the economically valuable return on investments and, most importantly, to generate jobs and health. The Centre for Health and Technology is responsible for coordinating the research and innovation activities. Through the OuluHealth Labs which offer a unique innovation platform citizens and professionals have the possibility to get involved. Furthermore, OuluHealth belongs to the international network of the European Connected Health Alliance.

Piemonte Centro Estero per l'Internazionalizzazione - Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism

Piemonte and Unioncamere Piemonte created an agreement with business associations and the academic world the Piemonte Agency in Italy in 2006. It gathers competences and projects of several institutions that played roles in the inward and outward internationalization. The agency encourages international and Italian companies to bring their high quality investment to Piermonte and supports them in every phase of the projects.

Enterprise Ireland

As a governmental organization, Enterprise Ireland with its base in Dublin, is responsible for the development and growth of Irish companies in world markets. The organization works in partnership with Irish firms to support them starting out, grow, innovate and win export sales in international markets. Thereby, Enterprise Ireland supports the sustainable economic growth, secure employment and regional development.