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Do you want to expand internationally and enter new healthcare markets?

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The strategic development of new healthcare markets with trAIDe Health

As a strong tool to prepare the next steps of your business activities in foreign markets we offer you an extensive analysis of the relevant healthcare segments of the local market. Based on the analysis and our experience, we consult you and create a market entry strategy in conjunction with you.

This process is divided into four steps:


Our experts conduct a workshop with you in person (or via telephone). In this workshop we get to know your company and products and get a feel for your specific demands. The goal is to have a thorough list of crucial questions that need to be answered in order to successfully plan your market entry.


In the second step, we carry out the desk research to answer the basic questions you have in regards to the local market that you would like to expand to.


In the following step we use our local expert network to conduct individual meetings with local experts from your sector in order to answer the sophisticated questions.


Finally we will combine the information and carry out a workshop with you (1 or 2 days). In this workshop we will inform you about our findings, provide expert interpretation and conduct the market entry strategy in conjunction with you. The Strategy will include a detailed action plan for the implementation of the project.