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Are you looking for the right German medical - technology supplier? Then join our trAIDe Health Network!

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We have created trAIDe Health with outstanding added values for you:

  • Cost and time saving
  • Systematic enlargement of your product portfolio
  • Increased visibility in supplier market
  • Additional sales channel by access to other international distributors

Are you familiar with any of these difficulties? Then you should become a member of our network!

  • My company enjoys great recognition in my home country as a distributor with an excellent network to end customers, but we have only little visibility in the German supplier market.
  • We have a demand for enlarging our product portfolio within our niche, but I have limited resources for identifying, filtering and acquiring the right supplier for a systematic portfolio enlargement according to my demand.
  • I am a well established and trustworthy distributor in my home country. Nonetheless, when initiating new relationships to foreign suppliers that we don’t know, their lack of trust can become a hurdle.

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What is trAIDe Health - your digital matching platform?

We developed a network of distributors and manufacturers of the healthcare sector. Members are always hand selected, screened and verified by trAIDe.

Once joined you may enjoy various services to ease your supplier sourcing.

Roman Panin

Roman Panin

Business development manager and expert in distributor matching of trAIDe GmbH

+49 (0)221 935 445 14

And this is what it is and how it works


You become a PPN member

In this process we screen, approve, and certify you as a member and trusted partner.


We specify your individual demand

By filling our your profile and requests we understand and gather your needs and demand.


We find your perfect partner

Through a systematic process we identify, filter, and acquire potential suppliers according to your needs.


We help you develop a successful cooperation

We support both sides during preparation prior to the first meeting and further mediation if needed.