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You are looking for an international distributor of the healthcare sector? Then join our trAIDe Health Network!

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Your benefits of being part of our network:

  • Increased turnover
  • Access to healthcare markets worldwide
  • Easy and safe distributor sourcing
  • Less costs for market entry

Are you familiar with any of the following difficulties? Then you should apply to be a partner in our network!

  • We produce innovative solutions for the healthcare sector. We want to export our products into foreign markets and cooperate with international distributors. However, we do not know which distributor currently holds the greatest demand for our products.
  • We want to find a reliable international distribution partner with an excellent network to hospitals, clinics and doctors in his domestic market to build a long-lasting cooperation. He should place a priority on our products and invest time to promote our products within his network. It is very difficult to identify and evaluate international distributors.
  • We know that there is a demand for our products in several foreign countries. We even know what type of distribution partner we are looking for.  Although we have this information and want to carry out a systematic distributor sourcing in all relevant markets we do not have the capacity and resources to realize such a project.

We got a solution!

What is trAIDe Health - your digital matching platform?

We developed and continuously grow our partner network of hand selected, screened and certified distributors of the healthcare sector.

We provide only verified distributor requests for long-term cooperation or specific inquiries to purchase your products.

Roman Panin

Roman Panin

Business development manager and expert in distributor matching of trAIDe GmbH

+49 (0)221 935 445 14

And this is what it is and how it works


We do the basics

It is a process to screen, approve and certify leading Healthcare distributors as a member and trusted partner of our network.


We retrieve distributors’ demand

By adding information to their profile and creating specific requests we understand the distributors’ capabilities. We scan the demand on short term inquiries.


We find your match

We identify, screen, and evaluate potential candidates of distributors in order to present specific requests to you.


We help you build a successful cooperation

We support both sides during preparation prior to the first meeting and further mediation if needed.