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In cooperation with GIZ we offer you four virtual workshops.

The contents help you to prepare for virtual.MEDICA 2020 and other virtual trade fairs in an optimal way. In addition, information on the current corona pandemic is provided and the handling of this pandemic in German medium-sized businesses is presented.

We want to support you during the current Corona Pandemic to help you identify potential business partners virtually and to better prepare yourself to the demands of virtual fairs, partner identification and to give you a better outlook of the current demand and needs within the healthcare sector.

As this year’s MEDICA will be held virtually, you also have the possibility to use their matchmaking platform (

As a visitor this platform will be free. You can create a profile and define your characteristics of a desired business partner. AI based technology will then screen the database and propose potential business partners to you. This platform will help you to get in contact with exhibitors and to initiate relevant business connections during this years virtual MEDICA.

Our Workshops

Registration is limited to two workshops per person. Registration is open until 10.11.2020

Digital MEDICA Tradefair Coaching

Learn how to do succesful sales for and in (virtual) fairs as a preparation for virtual.MEDICA

Digital Sales in Germany Coaching

Learn which sales channels there are for acquiring German healthcare manufacturers

MEDICA Pitch-Deck Coaching

Learn how to structure and prepare your virtual pitch and how to be persuasive in a virtual pitch

Opportunities and Challenges of Covid-19

Learn about the current opportunites and challenges of Covid-19. First hand experience of German SMEs and Associations.

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